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Review of Gonzo’s Quest Slot

Gonzo’s Quest is a slot based on Gonzalo Pizzaro. It features a 3D animated Gonzo the Explorer who sets out to find Eldorado, a fictional city of gold.

A short animated movie introduces the game to Gonzo, a man who leaves his ship to seek gold. Gonzo sits on the left and watches as you wait to see how much gold he wins. You’re then thrown into the 5-reel 20-payline game.


Gonzo, in his little Pathfinder uniform, is quite entertaining. He scratches his beard and spins his helmet in boredom. He dances and punches his fists and moonwalks across the screen when wins occur.

The screen art is well done, featuring an Inca temple in the background, greenery, and a water fountain coming out of a carved rock face. The background sounds make it feel like you’re there. When the symbols fall, you hear them sound like natural stones. It’s near as if you are in the Central American jungle.

Each symbol of Gonzo’s Quest has an Inca carving depicting a human or animal face on a square stone. Each character is different: the lowest is pale blue, the highest is pink, followed by tan, purple, and gold. The last is a blue-gray face with gold trim. The highest value symbol is marked.

The wild symbol is a grey stone with a circle and a question mark in gold. The free fall symbol is an unengraved solid gold medallion with a face at the center.


In Gonzo’s Quest slot, the traditional spinning of the reels has been replaced by the Avalanche feature. This allows symbols to fall onto the reels as if they were dropped from above. They explode in 3D when they hit a winning line, landing more symbols as long as there is a winning payline. Each additional win is multiplied. All characters that are awarded fall and are replaced with 15 new ones. You have more chances of winning every spin because the Avalanche feature extends the game.


You will receive ten re-spins if you get three or more of the golden Free Fall symbols along a payline while playing Gonzo’s Quest slots. During Free Fall mode, the multiplier increases, and you can receive up to 15x extra spins. The symbol also drops bonus coins. Gonzo scrambles to capture the gold coins that fall on his helmet. The screen displays how much you have earned.


You can program when you want Gonzo’s Quest to stop automatically using the advanced autoplay settings. The Avalanche feature seems to drag the game in slow motion, but the symbols fall quickly. You can keep track of how many multiplied winnings you are getting and how much by using the multiplier meter located at the top of the screen.


NetEnt’s Touch platform has been available since 2011. It allows for maximum graphics performance on mobiles with small screens. Gonzo’s Quest is compatible with Android and iOS phones and works flawlessly on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mac computers.


NetEnt was founded in 1996 by a Swedish online casino operator. It is one of Europe’s most renowned casino gaming networks.NetEnt products can be enjoyed all over the globe as the company has grown to be a global player in the gaming sector, with more than 500 employees.NetEnt has been delivering exciting casino gaming experiences since its inception. This is a result of a long-standing commitment to high standards. We recommend Gonzo’s Quest slot at any of the top online casinos.

As we delve deeper into the world of online slots, we encounter another gem in the casino gaming universe: NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest. This game is not just a typical slot experience; it’s an immersive journey that takes players on an adventurous quest with the charming and quirky character, Gonzo. Inspired by the historical figure Gonzalo Pizarro, this game beautifully marries the theme of exploration with the thrill of slot gaming.

Gonzo’s Quest stands out with its exceptional 3D graphics and animation. Gonzo, the animated version of the explorer, is not just a bystander but an active participant in the game. His antics and reactions add a playful and engaging element to the gaming experience. As you play, Gonzo is right there beside you, cheering for wins, and expressing his personality in delightful ways, whether he’s scratching his beard, spinning his helmet, or moonwalking across the screen in excitement.

The game is set against the backdrop of an ancient Inca temple, surrounded by lush greenery and a mystical water fountain. The attention to detail in the artwork is remarkable, creating an authentic and captivating atmosphere. The sound design further enhances this feeling, with natural stone-like sounds accompanying the falling symbols, immersing players in the ambiance of a Central American jungle.

The symbols in Gonzo’s Quest are intricately designed Inca carvings, each with a distinct color and facial expression, adding to the game’s visual appeal. The highest value symbol is easily identifiable, adding to the clarity of gameplay. The wild symbol and the Free Fall symbol are distinctive, each playing a significant role in the game’s unique features.

One of the most innovative aspects of Gonzo’s Quest is the Avalanche feature, which replaces the traditional spinning reels. Symbols fall from above, and winning combinations explode in a satisfying 3D effect, making room for more symbols and potential wins. This feature not only adds a dynamic element to the game but also increases the chances of consecutive wins with its multiplier effect.

The Free Fall mode is another exciting feature, where players can earn significant multipliers and additional spins, adding to the potential for big wins. Gonzo’s animated character comes to life in this mode, adding a playful and interactive element to the bonus feature.

NetEnt’s commitment to compatibility ensures that Gonzo’s Quest is accessible across various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers, thanks to the Touch platform. This commitment to accessibility and performance means players can enjoy this adventure from anywhere, at any time.

In conclusion, Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt is a masterpiece in the realm of online slots, offering players not just a game but a captivating adventure. Its stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, and innovative features make it a must-play for anyone looking for an extraordinary slot gaming experience. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the world of online slots, Gonzo’s Quest promises an adventure filled with fun, excitement, and the potential for big wins.