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West Indies vs England First Test in Jamaica
By WO   Published: November 10, 2009   Print    Email
At the start, England betting line up seemed fell apart the place of Jamaica, while current star Chris Gayle and Jerome Taylor had made pretty good claims on wining title after bringing inspiring victory for West Indies. Hero of the match, Jerome Taylor had presented incredible performance in the fourth day taking 5-11 with the help of Captain Gayle who laid the foundation for victory earlier in the game with his first test hundred before home ground crowd. It was really great sightseeing Captain Gayle in a state of hugging bolt at the final moments of the game which forced hundreds of Jamaica cricket fans swarmed on to field to give credit to their action hero of the day. If you miss these excited moments of cricket, you can somewhat realize the sensations of this great game by reviewing cricket live scores.

Famous cricketer Bolt also enjoyed this great day at home ground. In his time, he was regarded superb player who had earned world famous popularity after his record-breaking performances at Beijing in test match. England was succeed to make just 51 runs in their second innings that slipped them to an embarrassing defeat by West Indies in the first Test match in Jamaica. Actually England got shocked from the inspiring bowling spell from the side of Jerome Taylor who also performed inept batting and skittle tourists out due to their third lowest total in history. This match had brought great moments for home crowd that really amused from the live cricket results of match.

From England betting side, only one player, Andrew Flint off had reached double figures while new captain Andrew Strauss started his innings with shock loss of just small margin of one inning and only 23 runs. Jerome Taylor had put pressure on England batsmen with remarkable figures of 5-11 just in nine overs. After this, Sulieman Benn took over the command to finish the job off by getting second four-wicket of the match.

Crucial lead was being seen for England at the hands of West Indies. West Indies batsmen were successful to make 392 runs in their first inning, with a lead of 74 runs that seemed quite crucial on a slow, wearing pitch. In such circumstances, these crucial moments may have got headlines for England defeat at the hands of West Indies and has grabbed the attention of England cricket fanatics as they are expecting good cricket from England side in the next coming Test match.

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Loren - October 13, 2012
Not bad at all fellas and galals. Thanks.

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Dilara - November 29, 2015
Cricket makes a clear distinction betewen a tie and a draw, which are two different possible results of a game. A tie is the identical result that occurs when each team has scored the same number of runs after their allotted innings. This is very rare in Test cricket and has happened only twice in its long history, but they are slightly more commonplace in limited-overs matches. A draw is the inconclusive result that occurs when the allotted playing time for the game expires without the teams having completed their innings. This is relatively common, occurring in 20-30% of Test matches. Limited-overs matches cannot be drawn, although they can end with a no result if abandoned because of weather or other factors. Hope you can understand this.

Mavern - November 30, 2015
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