When you hear the topic of Texas Hold Em Poker, what do you think? First, what do you think about when you hear the word Texas Hold Em Poker? What have you won and lost lately? Next, you might think about your most recent lousy beat story and how you can tell someone about it. Finally, you think about what poker means for you.

Let’s take a different approach and see your answers. JFK said, “Ask not your definition of Texas Hold Em Poker, but ask your meaning to Texas Hold Em Poker.” This question was one I asked myself, and I was surprised at the number of ways that I think I impact the poker world.

Primarily, I am a passionate poker player. What does this mean for poker? Every dollar I invest in a pot is worth a percentage so that the house can make money. This is how I contribute to the economic health of the poker industry. A healthy poker market means that the poker rooms are open, and we can play to our hearts’ content.

Poker is also something I enjoy. While waiting for a table, I watch others play poker at a limit that I cannot reach. It’s a great experience, and I love it! Texas Hold Em Poker is what I watch on TV. In addition, the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour are on television. There are also local events such as the Heartland Poker Tournament. We, the fans, drive the current ‘bull market craze in poker.

Fans can also purchase Poker-related products to help the economy. Is there anything you have with the name of a Poker Room on it? Yes. This makes me advertise poker. I am a walking billboard for any brand or poker room I wear – Full Tilt Poker, anybody?

I am a poker student. As a student, I have to learn from teachers. I have bought books by many poker champions and authorities. There are seminars and online academies that anyone can attend to improve their game.

Today, I believe that the best thing I can do to help the poker world is an advocate for online poker. Politicians are attempting to curtail online poker in the United States. Our poker-playing registered voter voice is the most potent weapon we have. Are you a poker player? Are you looking to play poker online again? What will you do to make this possible? What does your contribution to Texas Hold Em Poker?

I am currently a Pit Manager at a Midwest casino Table Games Department. I enjoy playing poker online as well as at brick-and-mortar casinos.

Texas Hold Em Poker